March 3, 2024
Modern Warfare 3 Cool Updates: Quick Play and Weapon Magic!

Hello, fellow Call of Duty players and fans! Do you have any thoughts? Thanks to the talented individuals at Sledgehammer Games, Modern Warfare 3 now has a fantastic visual appearance. A number of interesting adjustments were made to Quick Play and weapon moves in order to add some excitement to the game and make our multiplayer adventures even more enjoyable. Find out what’s cool, shall we?

Modern Warfare 3: Season 1 was fun, and Season 2 was exciting!

It’s been a long time since the start of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 in December 2023. As of January 3, the CODMAS party was over. Now we’re in the middle of the Vortex event, which ends January 17 and involves killing zombies in Modern Warfare 3. While we all eagerly await news about Season 2, Sledgehammer Games has added some extra fun to their most recent updates.

January 4: Big Changes of Modern Warfare 3!

Sledgehammer Games shared some great news on Twitter on January 4. There will be two big changes: Quick Play and the way weapons move are getting new looks!

Say hello to Gun Game, a quick-play game that gets better!

Good news! You can now pick Gun Game in Quick Play. Would you like a Free-for-All, a Team Deathmatch, or the crazy Gun Game? That’s it! It’s like a buffet where everyone can pick their favorite dish!

Speed up the animation time for Weapons in a Hurry!

Remember how you had to wait for the animation to play out before you could check your weapons after respawning? Not any longer! After Sledgehammer Games worked their COIN33 magic, there are no longer any delays when you respawn in small map playlists. On maps like Rush or Shipment, you’ll be able to get back into the action very quickly. And then, it’s all about the feel of instant action!

Many thanks from everyone in the group!

People who play Modern Warfare 3 on Twitter are so excited about these updates that they are giving the game’s creators a virtual high-five. Everyone loves how quickly you can go from respawn to action. Some people are already dreaming about the Season 1 Reloaded update, where they hope bugs will be fixed and a strong anti-cheat system will be put in place. Cheaters, be careful!

What Will Happen? Season 2 Tips and More Fun!

Do not let go, soldiers! There are rumors that Season 2 will include new weapons, such as a mysterious sword and bow. We’ll be going deeper into Season 1 and getting ready for the exciting start of Season 2. Stay tuned for more cool news and maybe a few surprises.

Champs of Modern Warfare 3, it’s time to play! Sledgehammer Games just turned up the fun, and things are about to get even better. Prepare for an even wilder ride in Season 2 after we make Season 1 epic!